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PDE Safe Schools Grants (Pennsylvania)

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    State Government

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    Pennsylvania Department of Education


    The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Office for Safe Schools offers three grant programs to fund the following initiatives: 

    • School Resource Officer (SRO) Program - Address school violence by establishing or enhancing school security, including costs associated with the training and compensation of school resource officers. The grant is designed to provide funds to enable the placement of SROs into schools across the Commonwealth. 
    • School Police Officer (SPO) Program - Assist school entities in funding programs which address school violence by establishing or enhancing school security, including costs associated with the training and compensation of school police. The grant is designed to provide funds to enable the placement of school police officers into schools across the Commonwealth.
    • Targeted Initiative Program - Assist school entities by providing funding for programs under their comprehensive safe school plans. This includes the planning and implementation of activities that prevent or reduce violence by and against youth on school property and/or transportation to and from school and for security-related training. Consideration shall be given to school entities that demonstrate a special or high need in the area of school safety. Eligible programs include: 
      • Conflict resolution or dispute management, including restorative justice strategies.
      • School-wide positive behavior support that includes primary or universal, secondary and tertiary supports and interventions in school entities.
      • School-based diversion programs.
      • Peer helper programs.
      • Risk assessment, safety-related, violence prevention curricula, including, but not limited to, dating violence curricula and restorative justice strategies.
      • Classroom management.
      • Student codes of conduct.
      • Training to undertake a districtwide assessment of risk factors that increase the likelihood of problem behaviors among students.
      • Development and implementation of research-based violence prevention programs that address risk factors to reduce incidents of problem behaviors among students including, but not limited to, bullying.
      • Comprehensive, districtwide school safety, violence prevention, emergency preparedness and all-hazards plans, including revisions or updates to such plans and conducting emergency preparedness drills and related activities with local emergency responders. Institution of student, staff and visitor identification systems, including criminal background check software.
      • Provision of specialized staff and student training programs, including training for Student Assistance Program team members in elementary, middle and high schools in the referral of students at risk of violent behavior to appropriate community-based services, including mental health services.
      • Alternative education programs provided for in Article XIX-C.
      • Counseling services for students enrolled in alternative education programs.
      • An Internet web-based system for the management of student discipline, including misconduct and criminal offenses.
      • Staff training programs in the use of positive behavior supports, de-escalation techniques and appropriate responses to student behavior that may require immediate intervention.
    • Targeted Initiative Program (Equipment) - The purpose of the Safe Schools Initiative Targeted Grant for Equipment is to assist school entities by providing funding for security planning, purchase of security-related technology which may include metal detectors, protective lighting, surveillance equipment, special emergency communications equipment, electronic lock sets, deadbolts and theft control devices and training in the use of security-related technology. Security planning and purchase of security-related technology shall be based on safety needs identified by the school entity's board of directors, such as the institution of student, staff, and visitor identification systems, including criminal background check software.

    History of Funding

    Awardees from 2014 through 2019 programs are available to view at:

    Additional Information

    Targeted Initiative Funds may not be used for:
    • Elementary Student Assistance Program/Student Assistance Program training;
    • First Aid and CPR training or related training equipment;
    • Automatic Defibrillator Devices or related training, including CPR or First Aid;
    • Building improvements or construction costs;
    • Architect and engineering fees;
    • Maintenance costs for existing equipment;
    • Equipment including but not limited to GPS systems, lighting, cameras, identification systems, etc.;
    • Computers, laptops, printers, televisions or related equipment not specifically needed for security-related equipment;
    • Flash drives;
    • Drug or bomb canines, training, or handling costs;
    • Licensing fees for phones, software, etc.;
    • Marketing or public relations (i.e. billboards, radio or television advertisements, etc.);
    • Service fees for cable television, cellular phones, internet access, website fees, etc.;
    • Software not related to a research-based violence prevention program or security-related equipment;
    • Rent or utility fees for contracted services;


    Office of Safe Schools Staff

    Office of Safe Schools Staff
    333 Market Street 11th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
    (717) 772-2813

  • Eligibility Details

    Applicants are public school districts, intermediate units, area vocational-technical schools and charter schools. Applicants that received Safe Schools grant funding last year are not eligible to apply this year.  

    Local police agencies and municipalities may apply for School Resource Officer funding, but must have prior consent of the governing board of the school to place school resource officers on the school's premises.

    Deadline Details

    Applications were to be submitted by July 12, 2019. Similar deadlines are anticipated annually. 

    Award Details

    Individual award amounts vary: 
    • School Resource Officer (SRO) and School Police Officer (SPO) Programs - The maximum award amount for an SRO is $60,000. The maximum award amount for an SPO is $40,000.  
    • Targeted Initiative Program - The maximum amount is $25,000.

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