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Joyce Foundation (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin)

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    Joyce Foundation


    The Joyce Foundation supports efforts to protect the natural environment of the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region, and to ensure that its people have access to good schools, decent jobs, and a diverse and thriving culture. The Foundation is especially interested in improving public policies. The Foundation has identified the following program areas of interest:

    • Education and Economic Mobility: To ensure our young people are prepared for the future and are economically mobile, the Joyce Foundation will work to ensure equitable access to high-quality education and jobs. We will focus our efforts on young people of color and those from low-income backgrounds. We will advance policies that ensure K–12 students attend schools with high-quality educators, graduate high school with the momentum they need to be successful in college, and attain college credentials that lead to careers with family-sustaining wages. We also will invest in emerging ideas in innovative K–12 schools and reform efforts, and emerging ideas on how the safety net and workforce development will need to adapt to a changing economic milieu.
    • Environment: The Joyce Foundation seeks to support people from highly impacted communities to participate in environmental policy processes. Moreover, applicants pursuing efforts to integrate values of racial equity, social justice, inclusion, and diversity throughout their organization are invited to describe their efforts and how additional support from Joyce for those efforts would help achieve their goals. Proposals should include a clear plan for tracking progress over the next year, the next three years, and the next five years. The Foundation is interested in long-term goals for all projects, including those where short-term funding is requested.;
    • Gun Violence Prevention and Justice Reform: Gun violence is one of the central health and safety challenges of our time, with more than 110,000 Americans injured or killed by guns every year. Gun violence in all its forms—community violence, domestic violence, mass shootings, suicide, and accidental gun deaths and injuries—undermines the ability of the next generation to thrive. In urban areas, the impact of gun violence is experienced most acutely by young people of color and their families and communities. At the same time, lack of trust between police and community members and an over reliance on incarceration for even nonviolent offenders further weaken communities and compromise public safety. The Joyce Foundation makes grants to promote safe and just communities in the Great Lakes region through evidence-based policy and systems reform in the following areas:
      • Focus Area 1: Gun Violence Prevention
      • Focus Area 2: 21st Century Policing
      • Focus Area 3: Reduce Mass Incarceration
    • Democracy: The goal of this program is to strengthen our democracy by ensuring that it is built on citizen access—access to information from a strong, independent and trusted media, access to meaningful engagement in policymaking, and most of all, access to the ballot. We will make grants to strengthen evidence-based public policies to strengthen democracy in the Great Lakes region in the following areas:
      • Fair Elections
      • Media
    • Culture: The mission of the Culture program is to inspire creativity and cultural stewardship in the next generation of Great Lakes residents by strengthening the role of artists and arts organizations in fostering culturally vibrant and sustainable communities. We seek partners that share commitment to eliminate barriers to arts engagement; grow a skilled arts workforce that is reflective of the region's full talent pool; and support the role of artists as makers, facilitators and problem-solvers. Our funding will focus on the following areas:
      • Arts Access and Participation
      • Arts Leadership and Workforce
      • Creativity and Cultural Production
    • Special Opportunities: The Special Opportunities Program gives the Foundation a measure of flexible funding with which to respond to important opportunities outside or across the Foundation's core giving programs, or to develop new ideas and promote innovation in how the Foundation and its grantees operate. The Special Opportunities fund is used to support:
      • Innovative solutions to complex policy issues aligning with our program areas.
      • Public engagement strategies that include public opinion research and/or efforts to mobilize action around our priority issues.
      • One-time programs and/or events that address a timely and critical issue in our region.
      • The philanthropic sector.

    History of Funding

    Previous awards can be found at

    Additional Information

    The foundation asks that requests for funding, specify how, when applicable, they align with one or more of our three strategic themes:

    • Investing in the Next Generation - Goal: To improve outcomes for the next generation, defined as young people born after 1997.
    • Racial Equity - Goal: To achieve more equitable outcomes for diverse populations.
    • Economic Mobility - Goal: To Improve the ability of individuals to move up the economic ladder within a lifetime or from one generation to the next.


    • the foundation makes grants to diverse organizations such as academic and research institutions, grassroots and advocacy groups, policy institutes, news media, and others.
    • the foundation supports research to develop or test new policy ideas, advance them, assist in their implementation, and evaluate how they are working and where improvements are needed.
    • the foundation looks for opportunities to support broad, systemic changes that affect the most people over the long run.
    • the foundation does not generally support capital proposals, endowment campaigns, religious activities, commercial ventures, direct service programs, or scholarships.


    Joyce Foundation Staff

    Joyce Foundation Staff
    321 North Clark Street, Suite 1500
    Chicago, IL 60654
    (312) 782-2464
    (312) 595-1350

  • Eligibility Details

    The Foundation focuses grant making on initiatives that have an impact on the Great Lakes region, specifically the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The Foundation generally makes grants only to nonprofit organizations.

    Deadline Details

    The Joyce Foundation accepts grant inquiries online throughout the year. Applicants should anticipate the application process to take approximately four to six months from the initial submission of the letter of inquiry to the receipt of funding.

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary. 

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